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2017 - present
Quicksilver Fireworks
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Darren, Director

"DWS have been absolutely amazing developing and maintaining our website. They are easy to deal with and the service is great and we must have been using them for around 10yrs"

Project Details

Quicksilver Fireworks is a reputable provider of fireworks and special effects (SFX) equipment. As part of their online presence, they approached us with the goal of creating a new content management system (CMS) website to list the various offerings available from them. Unlike their online e-commerce website that facilitates sales, the new CMS website would serve as a platform for displaying their products, services, and other relevant information to customers.

As part of the initial consultation process, our team at Developed With Style worked closely with Quicksilver Fireworks to understand their vision, business goals, and specific requirements for the website. We were able to leverage our extensive experience in CMS website development to provide suggestions and recommendations that would enhance the site's overall functionality and usability. Additionally, we advised on selecting a suitable theme that would align with the brand image and create a seamless user experience for customers.

Once the theme was selected, our team got to work, integrating it with Umbraco, a flexible, open-source CMS platform that enables easy content creation and management. We made sure that the website was easy to navigate, and the content was well-organised and easily accessible. We also ensured that the website was fully responsive and optimised for different devices to ensure a smooth browsing experience for visitors, regardless of the device used to access the site.

After we completed the website, we provided Quicksilver Fireworks with a hosting package that would enable them to keep the site running smoothly. The hosting package provided them with the necessary infrastructure to ensure that their site was secure, fast, and accessible to customers at all times. Our team worked closely with Quicksilver Fireworks to ensure that they were familiar with the website's functionalities and could manage the website with ease.

The end result was a well-designed CMS website that showcased Quicksilver Fireworks' offerings in an organised and user-friendly manner. The website featured clear and concise descriptions, detailed specifications, and high-quality images that gave customers a good idea of what to expect from their services. The site's intuitive navigation system made it easy for customers to find the information they needed, and the responsive design ensured that the site was accessible from a wide range of devices.

At Developed With Style, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver custom CMS solutions that meet our clients' specific needs. Our team of experienced developers and designers is committed to providing high-quality services that align with our clients' business objectives. By collaborating closely with our clients, we ensure that we understand their needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our partnership with Quicksilver Fireworks is a testament to the successful collaborations that we strive to achieve with our clients. By working closely with them, we were able to deliver a website that met their specific requirements and helped them achieve their business goals. We continue to work with them, providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that their website remains secure, updated, and optimised for the best user experience.

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