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2022 - present
Total Computers
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Fran Egan, Head of Platform Development

"Having successfully worked on a previous project with DWS, we were happy to partner with them again for our e-commerce transformation. From the outset, DWS demonstrated a keen understanding of our unique requirements and challenges. Their expertise in Adobe Commerce, combined with a truly collaborative approach has resulted in an e-commerce platform that not only meets our current needs but is also perfectly positioned for future growth. The knowledge transfer and regular communication from DWS have been invaluable, ensuring we're well-equipped to be self-sufficient in managing our platform going forward. DWS has proven to be more than just a service provider; they're a trusted partner. Their knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness have ensured the project stayed on track and delivered the timelines we set out to achieve. We wholeheartedly recommend them to any business looking to elevate their online presence."

The Client

Total Computers is a Modern Technology Partner that delivers more than just IT products. Developing long-term strategic partnerships, they are consultative in their approach and are committed to customer success through the highest level of service. Through a blend of knowledge and standards of excellence, they’re a trusted partner of choice.

Seeking to amplify their online presence to mirror their esteemed industry reputation, they sought a partner who could truly grasp and address their distinct needs.

The Challenge

Total placed its trust in DWS once more to expand its digital footprint. While their existing website was fully operational, it lacked online transaction capabilities.

This project was therefore designed to offer our customers a self-service option for their procurement with the ability to manage their account, allowing them to drive operational efficiencies.

The goal was a robust system tailored for their B2B operations, scalable for future growth, and fortified with the requisite security measures for sensitive data. Adobe Commerce emerged as the optimal choice for this project.

Our Approach

From the get-go, DWS championed a collaborative approach to empower the client with the knowledge to assume a more hands-on role in maintenance after the initial build. Working alongside the Total team, the emphasis was not solely on development but also on knowledge transfer.

Regular communication became the foundation of this partnership. Daily stand-up calls and consistent progress updates ensured the project ran smoothly, with emerging challenges addressed swiftly. The focus extended beyond the immediate development, laying the groundwork for a site that would be straightforward to maintain and update in subsequent phases.

Essential modifications were made to the core Adobe Commerce B2B modules and the Firebear import/export module to resonate with Total’s unique business requirements. Furthermore, custom modules were introduced to tailor the site to exact specifications.

The Transformation

The result of this collaboration is a cutting-edge e-commerce website, meticulously crafted to meet Total’s requirements. The partnership doesn't conclude with the site's launch, DWS continues to offer support as required.

This project underscores DWS's commitment to nurturing lasting client partnerships, equipping them with the foundation and know-how to independently manage and evolve their website. It reinforces the principle that an excellent grasp of client needs, coupled with a collaborative effort, lays the groundwork for businesses to thrive.

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